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About Project Managers UK

About Project Managers UK

Project Managers UK is an owner-managed consultancy. Typically, clients seek our help when they have to deliver new schemes or retrofit and refurbish existing schemes. Clients benefit from having a delivery specialist who is focused on their objectives, and can marry risk management, financial management and technical management under one single umbrella.

Specialising in the management of new build, retrofit, and regeneration work, Project Managers UK has helped many organisations deliver multi million pound schemes on time and to budget, under a number of funding sources including; European Regional Development Fund, English, Homes and Communities Agency, Big Lottery fund, Heritage Lottery Fund, and the Coalfields Regeneration Trust.

We have a reputation for achieving outstanding results, delivering projects and programmes in an environmental and sustainable framework driven by best practice and risk managed with the clients’ requirements utmost in mind.

Owner David Dobson trained as a Civil engineer and founded Project Managers UK in 2008. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Civil Engineers, a Eur eng and a Member of the Association of Project Managers.

Project Management

Precise, controlled, and managed Project Delivery is the main thrust of Project Managers UK. Based on a thorough grounding in all the principles of delivery from feasibility, through optioneering, strategic decision making pre-contract, post contract delivery, contract closure, and into final scheme operation and beyond.

Project delivery provided by Project Managers UK begins with properly conceived and executed procurement, based on appropriate risk share into contracts from a project risk review. If funding is present, a detailed assessment of the funders requirements will be absorbed into this process, allowing the procurements to stand up to audit.

The core skills retained by Project Managers UK are an ability to make informed judgements in a timely manner to retain project cohesion, mitigate any programme delay, whilst reducing where feasible, commercial and contractual risk, and support the Clients’ vision.

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Risk Management

Risk Management is a strong process operated by Project Managers UK that can be applied across programmes, projects, and sub projects. PMUK staff have been trained in ‘Risk Management Workshop Facilitation’, and can utilise the stakeholder environment to generate a risk dialogue that can be structured and captured to form an important Project Management tool.

The risk output report is a key document to set the parameters for project success, and Project Managers UK utilise this to structure the remaining key actions for the project. Risks should be clearly defined with a; mitigation action, cost, timescale and owner. Risk should be taken by the party most able to mitigate the risk, thus leading to an optimised cost effective risk management process.

Project Managers UK have run a number of risk workshops to align directly with their project delivery, and have delivered risk workshops to various other Clients in a variety of sectors i.e, waste, power, regeneration, heritage, infrastructure, and housing.