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Project Managers UK Sectors


Major refurbishment projects require the application of strong skill sets to deliver the required outcome. Heritage constraints have to be appropriately managed and costed into the scheme at inception and structural integrity requires detailed surveys and sympathetic structural enhancement to blend in with the original retained building features. Service installations and sustainable energy solutions require careful integration into the build to support lower cost reduced carbon outcomes. Project Managers UK have had significant experience in heritage refurbishment with detail provided in ‘our projects’ page.


Heritage projects require careful consideration in the feasibility and budget setting phases to enable the client to accurately deliver their project to the levels required by the heritage constraints that will be applied by regulation. Project Managers UK are currently working closely with English Heritage, and the Heritage Lottery Fund on a number of projects requiring detailed heritage interface, and this includes ‘Scheduled Monuments’ and ‘Listed Buildings’.

Green Energy

Project Managers UK are currently involved in the delivery of green energy projects for a local authority client in the Midlands. Geothermal assessments are being carried out to validate the potential re-use of heated water, and in other schemes the installation of green energy solutions are helping deliver significant savings to clients energy bills.

Land Remediation

Project Managers UK have recently project managed a £12.2m land remediation, restoration, and flood protection scheme at a midlands colliery, where a 65 Ha site was transformed from a derelict spoil tip to a fully functioning ‘Heritage Country Park’. Numerous skill sets were utilised to support the project including procurement, contract management, ecological mitigation, and community consultation.


Project Managers UK have been commissioned to procure feasibility consultancy support and help instigate a design competition for the new Bus Station in Stoke on Trent. This facility will be operational in 2013, and has been constructed to exacting standards by contractor Vinci.


Large scale municipal waste projects have been constructed by local authorities and private sector organisations in response to the governments agenda around recycling and disposal. Project Managers UK are knowledgeable in this arena, with team members having been involved in the feasibility and design of waste transfer stations, civic amenity sites, mechanical recovery facility, and anaerobic digesters.


Large scale water projects have been constructed by United Utilities under their asset management plans (AMP) in response to the governments clean and foul water directives. Project Managers UK are knowledgeable in this arena, with the Managing Director providing the ‘Programme Director’ role for the management of the detailed design component of a £275m AMP 3 construction programme, covering over 30 sites in the North West region of the UK.

Fossil fuel and gas-fired power plants

Project Managers UK hold significant experience in this field, with the Managing Director having over 10 years experience in the management of in-house and outsourced design teams, and construction teams delivering major civil engineering solutions for full turnkey projects up to 2400Mwe, in the UK, Taiwan, Malaysia and China.

Nuclear Power

With the potential resurgence in nuclear power, Project Managers UK is well placed to deliver services into this arena. The Managing Director has personally been involved in the design and construction delivery of heavy civil engineering structures at a number of power plants across the UK.